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Summer Seat

This package is designed for the weekly visitor/tourist.

By the week is how this one works.  If you're here in Sicamous on a vacation and need  office space, this package will do the trick.  Includes the basic amenities to get your work done.

(limited Summer Seat packages per week, ask about availability)

$129 per week, this package includes the following:


Access from 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

Hot Desk with Outlet

High Speed Wi-Fi

Printer & Scanner

Coffee & Tea Bar

*Use of the Private Office - $20/hr (based on availability)

what does my package include?


Monday - Friday

8:30 am to 4:30 pm

The Bridge entrance 

located at the East end of the building

Hot Desk with Outlet

Never let your device die again. Plug in while you enjoy a spacious, clean workspace with tons of natural light. With 8 hot desks available, you'll never spend precious work time waiting for a desk.

High Speed Wi-Fi

The days of attachments and emails loading at snail pace are long gone. With a 5G network specifically set up for members only boasting unlimited data, your wi-fi worries are over.

Printer and Scanner

An office wouldn't be complete without access to a printer and scanner. Got a contract to sign and send back? No problem.

(page printing limits may apply) 

Coffee and Tea Bar

Plunking yourself down in a coffee shop for an 8 hour workday, while spending $5 a cup can get expensive and distracting. Avoid the noise and overspending here, where unlimited coffee and tea is offered exclusively to our members.

*Private Office - $20 / hour

With the Summer Seat package, you receive access to the private office booking page, where you can book online. Use the private office for interviews, meetings, video conference calls or simply on your own  behind a closed door.

Washroom Facilities

The Bridge is equipped with two washrooms, one of which is wheelchair accessible. Don't worry about you, or potential clients waiting in line for anything. 

*Private Office must be booked in advance. Please submit an application for more information.

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